AdvancePro Version 11.21 Release Notes

New Features

Assembly Items, Manufacturing Module

  • Lot/Serial Number view on Finalized Work Order is now fixed
  • Total cost on work order calculates without delay
  • Price for Additional items(any items) sets back to original price after saving WO. This is now fixed.
  • Price Adjustments can now be subtracted from the Assembly Cost Price
  • Serial Number requirement on Work Orders/ Assemblies

Credit Memos, Returns

  • Prices in Returns are rounded off to 2 decimal places even if the Pricing is set to 3 or more decimals. Now, prices are correctly truncated.
  • Breakdown Units for Products with UOM now shows below the corresponding item instead of under the whole Item list. Additionally, Taxes are now calculated by Main Products and does not include Breakdown Units
  • When a user returns with replace option, values are no longer editable. Now, changing the line item total will recalculate the credit memo total.
  • Customer return now uses the correct address specified in the referenced invoice
  • Create Memo button has been removed from Pending, Invoiced, Voided, and Credit memo section.

Customer Orders, Invoices

  • Incorrect carrier is showing on the Invoice when processing a drop-shipped order. Now, the correct carrier is displayed on the order.
  • Unable to place orders on Edit Customer > Order info. Now, the user can place orders using the order info screen.
  • Invoice subtotal shows 0 even if there are prices. This is now resolved.
  • AdvancePro now restricts the user to select multiple options((Drop-ship, Direct work order, Instant build)) when processing the order.
  • Able to generate Instant build even after unchecking the option. This is now resolved.
  • Expected date no longer changes after user has shipped the order.
  • Error message when placing CPO has been fixed.
  • Sales rep drop-down is covered by a white bar. This is resolved.
  • Updates on the shipping address on an Open order will be saved
  • Customer name is now shown in the imported order.
  • Transaction History is now Visible for Orders of Products Drop Shipped.
  • Unable to click Place Order Button when the order is invoiced.
  • Line Item status does not display 'Awaiting Stock' or 'Can be filled' after an order is left in Open stage.


  • Warning message doesn't pop-up when changes are done on shipping address. It is only coming up when addresses are switched.

Error Messages

  • Warning message only pop-up once.
  • Processed orders shows -----Select customer----- as company name. Now, processed orders are showing the correct company name.
  • Chart element pops up when logging in into AdvancePro. This is now resolved
  • An error prompts when clicking on a Transfer order #. This is now resolved.
  • Error messages fixed on the Invoice screen
  • Error messages on clickable Product Name field have been fixed
  • Error messages on the Email button have been fixed
  • Entering an SKU on the Lot/Serial Report parameters no longer shows an error message
  • Sales Reps are now visible in Sales Reps group drop-down.
  • Error, when you click on, apply available credits from CPO. This is now resolved
  • Error message no longer pops-up when opening an invoice
  • Warning message doesn't prompt when processing an instant build
  • Able to close concurrency alert & login screen without any error.
  • Unable to edit the column beside weight when picked qty is 0.
  • The Concurrency Message no longer causes AdvancePro to close upon login
  • Removing the N/A on the carrier field will no longer produce an Unhandled Exception. Additionally, the CPO can be saved even when you delete the carrier.
  • Exporting the Invoice first, then the payment will no longer produce an error
  • AP will no longer crash upon opening and re-opening the Email button on Invoice info tab and Order info tab in Edit Customer
  • Clicking the Email icon in VPO will no longer result in an error
  • Grammatical error fixed, prompt message corrected when picking quantity is set to 0 in Warehouse - Orders to Pick

General Settings

  • Able to disable CPO Restriction notification feature on Customer settings
  • Unable to disable/re-enable modules. This is now fixed
  • Able to save changes when setting the number of users for a company without selecting any modules

Lot & Serial Numbers

  • Unable to assign serial numbers to item kit components. This is now resolved.
  • Changing assigned serial number doesn't reset the status back to "In Stock". This is now fixed.


  • Payments on invoices are now allocated correctly.


  • Prices not supporting more than 4 decimal points in the 4th Level pricing. Now, CLU products support 4th level pricing.


  • A blank page is shown when printing an order matrix. This is now resolved.
  • Renaming UOM Headers now updates the headers on the related forms accordingly
  • An error prompts when clicking on Work Order Lot/Serial#s. This is now fixed.

Products, Item Kits, Service Items, Inventory

  • The purchase order is stuck in Processed when you generate a VPO from a CPO. This is now resolved.
  • Incorrect quantity is shown when sq. ft. calculator is used for the conversion of boxes and pieces. It is now calculating the correct boxes and pieces based on the given sq.ft.
  • CLU price should not be shown in the warehouse. CLU price is now hidden.
  • Able to click BOM for non-assembly items. Now, users can't click BOM for non-assembly items.
  • Cost Price is hidden on transaction history and reports for Non-Admin users

QuickBooks (Desktop and Online)

  • Child company exported as a parent company. Now, child companies don't export to QBO as a parent company when trying to disconnect, reconnect, and reexporting the data again.
  • Payments are exporting to QB with a proper configuration in place.
  • Invoices with or without Carriers are now exported to QB successfully.
  • Total records on QB Export Review Page are now displaying the correct quantity
  • Payment Received QB items now show payment details.
  • When switching to a different application during QB export, floating window(export progress) no longer disappears.
  • QB Re-import warning message has been changed.


  • The report now shows the comparison of the sales for the current year and last year.
  • Sorting for Shipment Reports by Customers improved.
  • Serial Number Reports now showing all statuses instead of only shipped serial numbers.
  • "In Stock" Lot numbers now accumulating correctly on the Lot Summary Report.
  • Able to generate Lot Reports using Order/Return Ref# fields but the generated report doesn't contain the above-mentioned fields, it will only return the specific Lot#s that were used in that specific Order/Return Ref#.
  • Lot Number Report for specific Warehouse fixed.

Vendor Orders, Bills

  • When you update DS quantity, all of the VPO totals will also change. Now, other VPO totals don't get affected by the change done on that specific order.
  • Drop-ship orders create multiple vendor orders though items have the same vendor. Now, when the items in a drop-shipped order belong to the same vendor, it creates a single vendor order.
  • When processing a DS order while 'Disable Auto VPO for IK Component' is enabled, VPO won't be created. This is now resolved.
  • No VPO is created when making a CPO for CLU items. This is now resolved
  • SKU disappears on VPO after saving. This is fixed.
  • Cancel Order Button remains grayed out when Acc # is edited and saved.
  • Numbers now increment on View All Cost Lists.
  • Inactive Cost Lists are grayed out.
  • Able to Spontaneously change and save the Managed Cost
  • Cost of line items in Cost List Details is now uneditable.
  • Variations are now showing on the Product Selector in VPO
  • After creating the Bill, Drop Shipped & Confirmed status will be changed to Closed. And the dropship VPO will be found under Closed VPO list. Additionally, Confirm DS button is no longer visible when the VPO has already been Drop Shipped & Confirmed.
  • Text cursor will go back to SKU text field automatically after adding an item
  • No longer able to add products to a received VPO; add product input fields are grayed out when the order is already received.
  • A Prompt message appears upon trying to order more than the order limit, thus hindering the user from placing a VPO.

Warehouse, Picking Locations

  • Vendor SKU is now displayed on the Pick Ticket when enabled.
  • Able to update weight on CPO, warehouse, and invoice; changes made on weight are saved
  • SKU and Product name are not shown on Warehouse. This is now fixed.
  • UOM SKU is now displayed on Warehouse - Orders to Receive and on the Vendor Bill