How To Set Up Default CC Sales Rep

AdvancePro has added this functionality the same as when you process a Vendor Order. It will notify customers and sales representatives that the order has been placed.

  1. To set up this new functionality, go to Admin > Site Settings > Email Settings. From the drop-down menu, select CPO
  2. You can edit the email template to your liking. Hover over the help tooltip to be able to see the available tokens to use on your email template.
  3. Now, click on CC Sales Rep tick box to include Sales Rep assigned to this customer to receive an email after the order has been placed then click on Save button
  4. Let’s create a sample Customer Purchase Order, add items to the Purchase order, save and place the order. AdvancePro will then ask if you would like to email this order, click on Yes.
  5. Upon clicking on Yes, the email form will pop-up. The email form will show you the Customer Order in PDF as the attachment, it will automatically CC the sales rep in-charge for that company and lastly if you have provided an email on the BCC Email, it will also show in the BCC field.



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