AdvancePro V 11.20 Release Notes

New Features


Assembly Items, Manufacturing Module



Credit Memos, Returns


  • PO# can be seen under View all Credit Memos
  • Able to open returns in "View all returns" if closed in WH.
  • Products in Returns doesn't show repetitive variant names
  • Return will be created for the selected warehouse that has available stock


Customer Orders, Invoices


  • Available to Sell options have been added to AdvancePro
  • Terms and Tax codes on Imported Customer Order are now applied
  • enhance CPO-Dropship update to allow update QTY on open DS
  • Add billing/shipping company name field to address selection on place new order screen
  • Tax can be changed on Cust. Orders/Customer Invoice after sending them to Open Orders
  • Ability to change/recalculate tax after processing order
  • Over shipping doesn't cause orders to give an error message.
  • Correct order status can be seen on View all Customer Orders
  • Cannot process CPO to WH if PO# is blank
  • Default UOM settings are now working properly
  • The order that contains back-ordered items can be processed successfully in the warehouse
  • Discounted price goes to the correct column and Orig. Price column displays the Selling Price
  • The time for opening a customer order has been reduced to 5 seconds.
  • Smart Print now shows decimal places on invoices
  • Able to edit product and custom field on a CPO
  • Able to select a product using the Product Selector on POS
  • A prompt message has been added to Invoice that will let user choose where to apply the freight. Also, it is now displaying the same fields when an invoice is attached on email
  • Complete details is shown in the PDF when selecting multiple invoices
  • Shipped order is not stuck in Pending Invoice
  • Able to select Tax Code when creating new CPO
  • Save button is now active in BOM window
  • Customer Freight application has been modified. Users will be asked where would they want to apply freight
  • Able to export and save invoice statement as PDF File
  • Line Item tax is added to the total in Invoices
  • A prompt message has been added to notify users to save the CPO before doing another Row Action
  • EYE button on CPO is now working
  • Payment and credit memo tables are now empty when no customer is selected
  • Invoices(s) spelling has been corrected. Changed into Invoice(s).
  • Processing with Instant Build will now show correct Work Order total cost
  • Able to print PAN without getting an error





EDI Module


  • Unable to create EDI when there is no selected EDI Type
  • Ability to specify which customers/vendors are exported through auto EDI export
  • Associate Customer button on Manage EDI Export doesn't give errors


Emails and Attachments


  • Able to send Vendor Bill & Customer Invoice as an attachment and using regular print won't have an error


Error Messages


  • No error is popping up when clicking below of the components screen in the BOM Window
  • Cannot edit columns in Warehouse.
  • Able to generate Advance Order Report without any error.
  • "Least" is spelled correctly on the BOL prompt message.
  • Able to assign Virtual Reserves on PO# that contains letters without getting an error message
  • Able to search 5 items or more on Manage Inventory without getting an error
  • Able to successfully generate Monthly Sales Summary Report without getting an error
  • No error message when creating a customer from a computer with dd-mmm-yyyy date format
  • Can sort/search Product names after clicking on Print/Export without getting any error
  • No error pop-up when trying to change these Settings "Set Cust. Account Starting #, Set Vend. Account Starting # & Set Transfer Order Starting #"
  • Descending spelling in AP Mobile Settings: Manage Preferences has been fixed
  • Amounts for total amounts in SmartPrint have been properly aligned


General Settings


  • Able to create and edit a customer and vendor with alphanumeric characters in its account
  • Cost price can't be seen when using a Custom Role(Non-admin)
  • It is now showing the same company name on Main & Web Dashboard
  • Able to log in successfully after the concurrency alert
  • Customer Inactive is not default
  • Assessment Help tip is displayed correctly
  • Copyright year is now in the current year




  • Export to excel function has been added to Vendor Bill and Credit Memo


Lot and Serial Numbers


  • Import SN/Import Batch is not shown when Lot/SN# is not enabled




  • Payment processor list is not doubled.
  • Customer Order Payment Receipt displays all the labels on payment breakdown
  • Print or Email Receipt at the time of payment
  • User will be notified when there is no Payment Method selected




  • Customer SKU now shows in Invoice
  • Able to create 3rd level pricing through Global Pricing when cost & price is 0
  • All price level stamps are visible in the CPO grid




  • Logo dimension on SmartPrint is now clear
  • Receipt Print-out now contains Company Logo
  • Allow pick tickets to be printed prior to assigning batches
  • SmartPrint has the same layout as the emailed file
  • Cut list can now be sorted from longest to shortest
  • Numbers are now aligned properly for CPO SmartPrint
  • Print button now works on Warehouse - View All Work Orders


Products, Item Kits, Service Items, Inventory




  • Ability to display Summary of Customer Discounts
  • Include returns in sales report calculation
  • Able to see components for Advanced Item Kit Report.




  • Able to track Ship Engine tracking number from the Warehouse




  • Service Items are shipped in AP. Orders exports to ShipStation
  • Batch processed orders are exported. It is now showing the correct invoice total on View All Invoices And Credit Memos"
  • Cancel the order for the batch process is now working



  • Able to save and place the order when selecting variants using the order matrix in a new CPO without getting an error


Vendor Orders, Bills


  • Allow default UOM to be added to a vendor PO when SKU is typed
  • Correct Picking location is shown after receiving products to a different PL for VPO.
  • Correct ETA is shown on VPO reports.
  • Default UOM settings is now working properly
  • Customer information (Name, Phone, etc.) is retained after editing the address
  • Vendor Order Report now shows the correct Order/Item status
  • Able to change/update the Vendor address on the VPO screen


Warehouse Transfers


  • Reserved Quantity and Available Quantity can be seen at the bottom of the screen when it is viewed in the EYE button
  • "INTRANSIT" transfer cannot be picked/shipped more than once.
  • Quantity is allocated to PL correctly when receiving an In-Transit Order
  • Able to ship In-Transit Warehouse transfer even if Picking Location is not enabled


Warehouse, Picking Locations


  • Font on item list in the pick slip is the same size as the other font in the template.
  • Scroll bar has been added when setting the # per page to more than or equal to 100
  • Orders doesn't get stuck in the warehouse when computer's short date is set to dd/MM/yyyy
  • # Per Page value doesn't reset
  • AP won't allow WH ticket to be picked when PL contains 0 or less than required


QuickBooks Online


  • Export to QuickBooks button is now fixed.
  • All accounts that were set-up on the previous company are now deleted when connecting to a different company.
  • Shipping Account has been split into 2 different accounts: Invoice Shipping and Bill Shipping Account