Credit-Only Return

Credit-Only Return

This feature allows the AdvancePro user to apply a dollar-value credit to a customer without requiring the Return to contain product line items.

A service item called "Credit" is placed instead, and it will also be recognized by QuickBooks as a service-item on the Credit Memo transaction.

To create a Credit-Only Return, please follow these steps:

1. Issue a new Customer Return

2. Select your customer
3. Toggle the "Credit Only" switch


4. You will be prompted with the following message:
"You have not selected any items to return. Do you want to proceed with a general Credit Only item" - Hit OK

5. The Customer Return will then be created, containing the Credit service item. Enter the notes/reason for this credit. and hit Save and Process

"Pending Credit Memo" saved successfully

Note that this is, by default, a "Direct Return". It will not go through the Warehouse stages as there are no items to actually receive.

6. Open the pending credit memo on the Customer Invoices/Credit Memo's screen

This is now your credit memo. You may confirm the credit memo when ready - it will export to QuickBooks the same way as any standard Credit Memo with Inventory Items on them.