Version 10.8

AdvancePro 10.8 Release Notes

New Features

  1. Warehouse inventory can now be reserved from the Customer PO screen, without processing the order to the warehouse:  Guide - Reserve Inventory at Customer PO Screen

  2. Users can now select the columns to be displayed in the All Customer Orders screen:
    Guide - Customizing the All Customer Orders Screen

  3. Users now have the ability to quickly create returns for large numbers of items, by importing an Excel spreadsheet:


  4. Transfer order numbers have been added for better tracking of transfers: 
    Guide - Transfer Order Numbers

  5. Vendor SKUs and Customer SKUs can now be searched for in the SKU field for Quick Search and View All Products:


  6. Customer or Vendor Drop Shipments can now be viewed on View All Products Tab


  7. Detailed Inventory Report is now available



Fixed Issues

  1. Syncing large numbers of customer orders no longer results in a timeout issue.

  2. Quantity Adjustment and Multiple Transfer can now be viewed by clicking on the Reference number.

  3. Custom Field 2 now shown on Vendor Purchase orders.

  4. Updating AP Mobile User now working.

  5. Editing Multiple Users now working. 

  6. Option for deleting of user now working. 

  7. Correct Tax calculation when using Product Promotion. 

  8. Now able to use "Deselect All" Button in disassociating products in Picking Location.

  9. Product Specific Promo Code will can now be exported to QB without crashing. 

  10. "Stock can be filled from another warehouse" no longer showing if there is only 1 warehouse.

  11. Prohibit changing VUOM unit breakdown value once a product has order vendor order history

  12. Emailing Invoices as PDF now working. 

  13. Generation of Sales Report including Drop Ship Orders with 1 warehouse now working. 

  14. Deleting 1 line item from unsaved CPO with multi-currency will no longer delete all line items in that order.