Warehouse Transfer Orders

Warehouse Transfer Orders

1. In Products>Manage Inventory>Select a Warehouse>Multiple Transfer ()


a. A field called “Transfer Order #” (TO#) has been added.  This field will be automatically populated, similar to CPO and VPO numbers.  This field is editable meaning the auto-generated number can be overwritten. 

b. The reference number for each transfer order should be shown.

2. Access the View All Multiple Transfer/Adjustment screen from the Manage inventory screen by clicking 


Or access the screen from Warehouse>View Multiple Transfer History



a. These columns have been added to this screen:
     i.  No     

     ii. Qty Adj./Mult. Transfer Ref #

     iii. TO# (If the record is an adjustment, leave blank)

     iv. User (replace the word Admin)

     v.   Date

b. A search field for Transfer Order # has been added.


3. In Admin>site settings> General Settings, you can set the Transfer Order Starting #