Promotion Code Customer Order Reports

This report will allow you to view the promotion code used for customer orders.


To see how to create and apply promotion codes/coupons on a customer order, please see the link below: 

How to Apply Promo Codes or Coupons on a Customer Order


To view the Promotion Code Customer Order Report, go to Reports switchboard > Additional Reports

01_Promotion Code Customer Order Reports


A window for the options will show according to what you need:

1. Date Range

2. Promotion Code

3. Customer Order Status

4. PO#

02_Promotion Code Customer Order Reports

Once all options are set, click Print/Export.


Sample Report:

03_Promotion Code Customer Order Reports

The report will show the following: 

- purchase order number

- order reference number

- order date

- product name

- product quantity

- original price

- discount amount

- discounted price

- discounted subtotal per product 

- promotion code