Importing Assembly Items in CSV Format

You may import your assemblies in CSV format using the same steps and mechanics found on this link:

Sample Import:

1. Create an IMPORT SCHEMA to work on
Admin >> Utilities >> Excel Import/Export >> Import Assemblies

2. Make sure to follow the Schema or the sequence of the columns on your CSV File

The required columns are:

Vendor (Make sure you are using the Vendor Account Number)

3. Create your Excel File with the correct Schema column sequence and Save as CSV (Comma-Delimited)

It will come out as shown below when opened through Notepad:

OR: Create the CSV File through notepad directly, using COMMAs as the delimiter, no spaces!

4. Import the CSV File:

You will see a report of the imported assembly items and their corresponding error messages (usually if the components do not yet exist on AdvancePro) or you may see "Assembly successfully imported" if it goes through with no issues.

5. Check the imported assembly on the View All Products Screen

6. Finally, confirm on the BOM Info Tab of that Assembly Item if the products had been associated successfully