When printing using SmartPrint Pro the right side of the screen is cut off, Is there anything that could be done?

This issue is caused by how Internet Explorer handles HTML printing and is an issue with Internet Explorer prior the release of version 7.  Below you will see the reference to article which will give you more information (http://www.ie-vista.com/print.html)

It has been a common complaint amongst Internet Explorer users that the right hand edge of a Web page`s content was sometimes cut off when the page is printed.  The workaround has always been to set Internet Explorer to print in Landscape mode, which of course uses more paper than Portrait.

Internet Explorer 7 introduces a new setting, "Shrink to Fit", which is the default setting whenever we print a Web page.  Shrink to Fit, as the name implies, automatically shrinks a HTML page so that it fits perfectly on to your paper, no matter what its size may be.

Therefore, to resolve this issue we would suggest upgrading your internet explorer to V7.