What is the best VPN option (Virtual Private Network) for setting up my AdvancePro Server and Client network?

The best option is IP-based VPNs that use the internet for the remote access. Secure IP-VPNs are networks that are secured by encryption and authentication, and layered on an existing IP network. There are different categories for VPN products:

  • Hardware based systems
  • Firewall based systems
  • Standalone application packages
Hardware based systems are encrypting routers. They are touted to be secure and simple to use. They are considered to be in the line of "plug and play" equipments. Firewall based systems take the features of the firewall security and are considered to be the most secure. Standalone application packages are considered to be flexible and are suitable for environments where both the end points for the VPN are different organizations.

Before making any decision regarding the kind of VPN setup you plan to implement for your company, make sure that the setup meets the security, bandwidth and performance related requirements of your company.