Version 928.3 Release Notes

AdvancePro 928.3 Release Notes

New Features


Global Qty Adjustment Tool

  • Allows inventory to be expensed without going through a PO process.
  • This feature is available in AdvancePro and AP Mobile.
  • A paper trail is created for all expensed items.
  • Global Qty Adjustment User Guide

Barcodes on Vendor and Customer Purchase Orders

  • Enables printing of barcodes on vendor orders, customer orders, and receiving documents so the PO numbers (or reference numbers) can be quickly and accurately identified with a scanner.
  • Bar Coded Documentation User Guide

Expected Inventory Report (Alternate View)

  • Provides a listing of all products with the total quantity on order as well as the quantity incoming on the next shipment with an ETA
  • Includes description field of products, 3 custom product fields, and UPC number



Performance Optimizations for the following areas and functions:

  • Manage Inventory
  • Pick/Pack/Ship stages
  • Customer pricing
  • Variants and UOMs
  • Serial numbers
  • Assigning products to picking locations
  • Assigning products to categories


Fixed Issues


  1. Vendor taxes on bills do not export correctly to QB
  2. Sales report calculates cost price instead of unit breakdown cost price
  3. Invoices do not export when promo code has been applied
  4. Payment processor details do not save
  5. Unable to move products from one warehouse to another when multiple picking locations are enabled.
  6. Unable to change shipping or adjustment amount after processing a customer PO to the warehouse
  7. Inactive items are visible when creating an assembly item
  8. Unable to add a variant with a unique SKU directly to a customer purchase order
  9. Tax is not applied to a negative adjustment in a purchase order
  10. Vendor returns cannot be updated
  11. "Index was out of range" error message when saving a Vendor Order
  12. Inactive products can be added to a customer purchase order
  13. GBP symbol displays incorrectly on printouts (SmartPrint Pro)
  14. The payment processor module cannot be disabled
  15. "To Pick Quantity is different from the Quantity picked" message when an item on work order has stock less than 1
  16. "LS" button is overlapped in "Serial #s" tab when editing a product
  17. Line items can be deleted on received and closed vendor POs
  18. Warehouse Manager pre-defined role does not have access to all warehouse functions
  19. "Please select the filter criteria" prevents cycle count from being created
  20. "Enable Product Level Taxes" setting causes incorrect tax and sub-total on order
  21. "LNMClasses" error when consolidating more than 100 invoices
  22. "Unhandled Exception" error on invoices with line item taxes enabled and no tax assigned
  23. Entering a quantity of 0 in one picking location prevents entering a new quantity in another picking location
  24. APMOBILE user role is editable
  25. Sales Rep Report By Customer shows wrong invoice info
  26. Item kit components split into multiple lines on VPO
  27. Credit Memos for replacements do not export correctly to QB
  28. Unable to delete a currency once it has been created
  29. Accounts Receivable settings for customers reset after re-importing account settings from QuickBooks
  30. Accounts Payable settings for vendors reset after re-importing account settings from QuickBooks
  31. Deleted work order stages show in dropdown in "View All Work Orders" screen
  32. The word "select" in a vendor name causes issues when attempting to place an order for that vendor
  33. CITY and STATE columns display the same details on Customer Excel export
  34. Unable to save update to Custom Field 7
  35. Orders in different stages at the warehouse can be batch processed
  36. Address email length in Customer Information is limited to 30 characters
  37. Changing primary vendors for a product copies the price from the previous vendor
  38. Cannot receive vendor order if Lot/Serial module has been disabled
  39. Cycle count using UPC code increments the quantity of the item above it
  40. Cannot select “from” picking location when performing Multiple Transfer
  41. Lot/Serial button does not work when assigning lot and serials during Multiple Transfer of inventory
  42. “Object Variable or With block variable not set” message pops up in Multiple Adjustments when QB Classes are enabled
  43. Receiving product with serial numbers causes "object reference not set to an instance of an object." error
  44. "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error in Multiple Adjustment when attempting to process an adjustment
  45. QB classes disappear and cannot be selected in Multiple Adjustment when processing adjustments for the 2nd time
  46. "No such product exists/quantity not exists with selected Picking Location" in Multiple Adjustment when using scanner to scan a SKU number
  47. QB Class options disappear and the "Default type of Adjustment" selection is lost in Admin>Utilities>AP Mobile after saving the settings
  48. "The given key was not present in the dictionary" in Multiple Adjustment when using scanner to scan a SKU number
  49. Adding serial numbers to product increases picking location stock
  50. Lot/Serial not assigned to a picking location when imported from spreadsheet
  51. Updating picking location stock removes serial numbers from the picking location and resets the status of those serial numbers
  52. When assigning serial numbers to a product, picking locations not assigned to the product appear in the list
  53. Stock deducts from incorrect picking location when shipping serial numbers from non-default location(s)
  54. Manage Inventory  screen with All Warehouses selected displays split list of items by warehouse
  55. Incorrect invoice subtotal calculations on partial shipments