Version 926.1 Release Notes

AdvancePro 926.1 Release Notes


  1. Customers with multi-currency can now apply tax on invoices.
  2. Notes on work orders are now larger and can accommodate multiple lines.

Fixed Issues


  1. Invalid reference to sales rep 0 (QuickBooks export error).
  2. Adjusting quantity to pick/pack results in inaccurate reserve quantity.
  3. Additional line incorrectly added to the customer order after shipping a backordered item.
  4. Promotion codes not exporting to QuickBooks.
  5. Sales report by product does not displays summary results.
  6. Adding picking location for advanced UOM item causes stock to display inaccurately for single units.
  7. Changing quantity to pack and sending back to open order causes inaccurate reserve quantity.
  8. Search returns no results for specific products when adding new components to assembly item.
  9. It is possible to ship an order with insufficient stock that was sent back to “open” status and reprocessed.
  10. Picking locations stock is not updated when direct invoicing or direct billing.
  11. Error when searching for a product to add to vendor quote.
  12. Unable to select serial number quantities when performing a warehouse transfer.
  13. Adding a new product to a promotion code overwrites existing products.
  14. Reserve quantity displays incorrectly for single units of Advanced UOM products.