Version Release Notes

AdvancePro Release Notes

New Features

Brand New User Interface

  • Brings a modern look and feel to the AdvancePro user experience.

QuickBooks Online Integration

  • Enables users or QuickBooks Online to sync with AdvancePro for robust inventory and order management.

Multi-Company Reporting

  • Provides excellent visibility by generating reports composed of data from multiple AdvancePro databases.

Enhanced Reordering Features

  • Improved Reorder Alert Report now takes into account quantities on customer and vendor orders, providing richer information when determining what products to reorder and in what quantities.

Enhanced Vendor and Customer SKU Management

  • Customer SKUs can now be used at the customer order entry screen, making it quicker easier for order takers to get the order right.
  • Vendor and Customer SKUs can now be printed on picking, packing and shipping documentation.

Improved Serial Number Management

  • The user experience has been drastically improved for using a barcode scanner with AdvancePro to select serial numbers.  The workflow no longer requires any mouse clicks when scanning multiple serial numbers.

Barcoded Orders

  • PO or PO reference numbers can now be represented on all order documentation by a barcode.  This means that documentation can now be quickly and accurately identified with a scanner.

Improved E-Commerce Customer Experience

  • A Cross-Sellers feature has been added that allows for similar items to be selected and displayed to customers on AdvancePro B2B and B2C shopping carts.
  • An Accessories feature has been added that allows for related items to be selected and displayed to customers on AdvancePro B2B and B2C shopping carts.

Consumables Feature

  • Inventory can now be quickly and easily removed or added on the fly using either AP Mobile or AdvancePro.


  • Addresses are now sorted in alphabetical order at the customer order entry screen for customers with multiple ship to addresses.
  • An “Alternate Expected Inventory” report has been created in the “Additional Reports” section that displays products, in-stock quantity, incoming quantity, expected arrival date of next shipment and the product name.

Fixed Issues

  1. Email notification to order picker does not trigger
  2. Shipped lot numbers can have their status changed back to ‘In Stock’ incorrectly
  3. Serial numbers do not transfer when performing picking location transfers
  4. Serial numbers can be duplicated when importing from an Excel sheet during receiving
  5. QTY column on alternate Expected Inventory report is calculated incorrectly
  6. Re-Order Alert Report shows quantity on CPO for a cancelled order
  7. Selecting a stage in the warehouse opens up the incorrect stage
  8. Cannot update carriers due to error: “This Carrier Name is not available.  Please try another one.”
  9. Tax groups round to 2 decimal places
  10. When returning to complete a partial shipment with serial numbers, the printed invoices are either missing serial numbers or duplicating them
  11. Quotes show up in list of open orders
  12. When Multiple Companies are running, the company name on the Workspace is overwritten by the most recent company that logged in
  13. Alternate Expected Inventory Report does not pickup product specific ETA dates
  14. Sales rep notification triggered every time an order is saved
  15. View Lot/Serial X window does not display product info in the header
  16. Alternate Expected Inventory report shows “Duty” column when freight module is enabled