Using the Fedex Courier integration.

The Fedex Courier integration allows shipment data to flow seamlessly from AdvancePro to Fedex manager and allows the tracking number to return to AdvancePro Automatically

Here are simple steps to use this integration with Fedex Manager:

1.  From an order in the pick, pack or ship stages in AdvancePro click the Fedex/UPS button, and choose Fedex from the drop-down menu.  
2. Select the level of service, and enter the package weight/dimensions.    Once you have entered the information,  you will be able to click 'Prepare for Fedex' or 'Prepare for Fedex and Ship'.
  if you choose 'Prepare for Fedex' you will need to mark the order as shipped in AdvancePro before the order will export to Fedex Manager
  if you choose 'Prepare for Fedex and Ship' the order will be marked as shipped immediately in AdvancePro and a draft invoice will be produced
 - once the shipment is completed in Fedex, a tracking number will automatically be added to the finished picking ticket and the invoice (if the setting to print the tracking number on invoices is enabled).
3.   Open fedex manager,   click the integrations dropdown at the top of the window and choose the AdvancePro integration,   A popup will appear to manage the import process,  click the start button.  when the import completes,  close the popup
4.  Navigate to the Shipping list> holding file to view your imported Fedex orders,    Highlight an order and Click Edit to enter or edit any remaining information required,  and then click ship to produce a tracking number and shipping label.
5. The shipping workflow is now complete Tracking information is instantly synced back to AdvancePro at this point