Users with Webroot experience printers going offline when printing through Citrix


When users with Webroot installed on their PC attempt to print through a Citrix session, their printer goes offline (intermittently). 


There is a known Webroot problem that causes it to mistakenly remove files being generated during Citrix printing. The removal of the files causes an error state where the printer goes offline (in the Citrix session).
The best solution is to remove Webroot and use an alternative security solution such as Symantec. 
Alternatively, you can try the following, which some people have found beneficial:
  1. Open Webroot and click Advanced Settings
  2. Click Shields (or Realtime Shield in previous versions).
  3. Look for "Scan files when written or modified" or "Check files for threats when written or modified" and disable the setting.
If the above setting change does not work, try completely disabling Webroot to determine if Webroot is still causing the problem.