UPS Rates on B2C Shopping Cart

AdvancePro B2C sites allow customers to select from various UPS shipping options at the checkout stage. The steps to set this up are outlined below.

Provide your UPS Credentials

  1. Create a support ticket and provide AdvancePro with the 4 following pieces of information about your UPS account:
  2. My UPS User ID
  3. UPS Password 
  4. UPS Account Number
  5. Access Key (get here


Create List of Carriers in AdvancePro

  1. Click on Admin > Carriers
  2. Create a carrier called UPS and click “Add”
  3. Create additional carriers for each UPS service you would like to have available on your website.  If you do not list the service you would like to offer, it will not appear as a shipping option on your website.  If a service is not available from your warehouse location to the customer’s destination, the service will not be listed as a shipping option on your website.  You can find a list of available services from the UPS Website.
    If you have only one warehouse setup in AdvancePro, the warehouse address will be used as the pickup address.  If you have multiple warehouses, please specify to AdvancePro in a support ticket which one should be used as the pickup address.

    If you wish to include a shipping surcharge on all UPS shipments, please create a support ticket to have this setup. When your orders are downloaded into AdvancePro, the shipping charge will already be included in the order.