UPS Integration Setup and Troubleshooting

If AdvancePro data does not export to UPS please check whether the DSN exists. The ADVANCE DSN gets created automatically when you install AdvancePro. These DSNs can be created on either Server or Client.

To check if DSN was installed correctly follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Start | Settings | Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Data Sources (ODBC)
  2. Choose the "System DSN" Tab
  3. Search for an entry called Advance
  4. If there is none you need to create a new one:
  5. Click on Add

 > Select SQL Server and click finish

 > Enter Advance as the name

 > Enter AdvancePro DSN as the description

 > Select Advance as the server from the drop down box and click next

 > Select “With SQL Server Authentication…” and call AdvancePro Technical Support   for the Login Name and Password.

 > Follow steps 7 – 9.

  1. Double click on it. At the bottom - make sure the SQL Server name has the correct name of their SQL Server
  2. Click the Next button.
  3. It will now display a form where you specify your login details - click Next button.
  4. Next page will say "Change default database to" - make sure it says "Advance"
  5. Click Next button, click Finish, and click "Test Data Source"

NoteIf you have multiple AdvancePro companies, you would have to manually create DSN for each company database!

If you do have multiple companies you need to manually create Advance2, Advance3, Advance4, Advance5 DSN for each company dabatase. Then you have to copy and paste the AdvancePro_Import2.dat, AdvancePro_Export2.dat and so on for each company file of AdvancePro. These files have to be saved in:

C:\Program Data\UPS\ImpExp\Shipment




Then login into the child company database and go to ADMIN > Utilities > UPS > Click ONLY on ‘Check Connection between UPS and AP’ button. Do not click the button for "COPY files"

You can contact our Customer Support Department at: 1-800-970-9071

And ask for assistance in creating .dat files.