Product key OR Subscription has expired message shows up

Product Key or an error message “Subscription has expired”


1.)    Close AdvancePro

2.)    Go To:

a.)    32bit- C:\Program Files\AdvancePro\

b.)    64bit- C:\Program Files (x86)\AdvancePro\


3.)    Locate the file AdvancePro.ini and DELETE it.

NOTE: File Extension (.ini) could be hidden depending on the Windows OS Settings.

To display the File Extensions of the files you can go to:
>Control Panel

>Look for “Folder Options”

>Select the “View Tab”

>UNCHECK “Hide extensions for known file types”


      4.)   Open AdvancePro and re-enter your login details used to activate the software.


Note: if the problem reoccurs, ensure that there are no firewall rules blocking inbound/outbound connections from AdvancePro.exe and that the "" domain (or IP address is added to the whitelist of any web filter