What are some key things to know about order Matrix?

  • You can only assign 2 variants to appear on the order matrix. Thus, if you have Color, Size, Style listed as variants only the first two will be listed. However, each variant can have unlimited variations. For example, Color (variant) can have unlimited colors such as, blue red, yellow (variations)
  • The first two variants entered in the Variant Manager will be listed in the order matrix when you enable this module
  • If there are more than two Variants and you would like to have the third variant selected but not the second, then it is suggested that you delete the second variant from the Variant Manager
  • If there are products with 2 + variants then those products will not display in the Order Matrix format
  • If you would like to assign non- variant products to the order, the "Product Selector" will display in the Order Matrix format for the "2 variant products" but the order details will be listed in non-order matrix format