How to Use Separate Account for Vendor Shipping Charges

By default, shipping charges on customer and vendor orders will be posted to the same account in QuickBooks. To use a separate account for vendor shipping charges, please follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new service item in AdvancePro with a name such as 'Inbound Shipping Fee'.
  2. Associate the item to all vendors.
  3. Add a new product category and assign the item to the category (name doesn't matter as long as you can easily identify the category).
  4. Still in AdvancePro, go to the 'QuickBooks' tab, then 'Settings' > 'Category' and select the category you just added. Set the COGS/Expense accounts to the account that you want vendor shipping charges to be posted.
  5. Going forward, when creating vendor orders, add the 'Inbound Shipping Fee' service item to the order. Set the quantity to 1 and the price to the shipping amount (do not add anything to the standard shipping field).
  6. After exporting the vendor orders to QuickBooks, you should now see the shipping charges being posted to the account you selected in step 4.