Sales Report By Customer

This report only displays Invoiced Customer Orders. If an invoice is pending, the sale will not feature on this report.

  1. To generate a Sales Report, click on Reports switchboard and under Sales Report click on Sales Reports (By Customer)
  2. This window will be shown after clicking the button. Users can view sales reports depending on the criteria they chose. To view all Sales, just click on Print/Export.
  3. These are some of the information in the report
    1. GP$ - It is the Subtotal on the invoice less the Total Cost per invoice
    2. Amount - It is the Subtotal amount listed on the invoice. This amount does not include shipping, adjustment or taxes

Note: Total Cost is calculated by the average cost of sales (if the purchase orders were created in AdvancePro) - if the items were not purchased in AP then the default cost that was entered when adding/editing a product will be used.