Printing and Emailing Payment Receipts

Upon receiving payments, the users will be able to print and/or email the payment details, Payment Receipt email template has been added under Site Settings as well.

  1. To set the default payment printing settings, go to Admin > Site Settings > Printing Settings.
  2. You may also change these options before processing a payment in Customer Invoices; go to Customers > View all Customer Invoices and Credit Memos.
  3. Select an Invoice that you want to receive payment on.
  4. In the Customer Invoice, click the receive payments button.
  5. Then input the payment details and select a print option:
    Selecting Print will automatically print a receipt upon processing/updating payment, the Email option will email receipt to the customer's email, the Print & Email option will simultaneously print a receipt and email it to the customer and selecting the None option will proceed with payment processing without doing anything.
  6. Then click the process payment button
  7. The printed receipt will show the  Company Logo, Company Address, Company Phone Number, Company email address, Federal Tax ID and Check #, here is a print preview:
  8. Furthermore, you may also set an Email Template for the Payment Receipt; to do so, go to Admin > Site Settings > Email Settings > Click the Dropdown and select Payment Receipts.