Preferred Payment Method

How to set up the Preferred Payment Method and Payment Processing in AdvancePro.

1. To set up the Preferred Payment Method in AdvancePro go to the "Admin" switchboard, Under "Payment Method" tab.

2. You are then able to set your own Preferred Payment Method, Say for example Bank Transfer, Cash, Check or Credit Card, etc. Simply enter your Payment Name and click Add.

3. Now, to actually process a payment, we need to connect AdvancePro to a Merchant account, go to Admin > Utilities > Payment Processor. From the dropdown menu, you can choose from 4 different Payment Processors such as Paypal, Authorize.Net, Virtual Merchant and Paragon Payment Solution. If you have an account in any of these, you may enter your respective information. When processing a payment on AdvancePro, you will then have the option to select your preferred payment processor.