Payments and Credits feature

New Payment and Credits feature has been added and can be accessed from the Customer Screen under Payment Info and Invoice Info for easier processing.

  1. To access this feature, Go to Customers > View All Customers
  2. Select a customer, then click Edit.
  3. Then click the Receive Payments button which you may find under the Payment Info tab.
  4. You may also find the Receive Payments button under the Customer’s Invoice Info tab.
  5. Additionally, in the Invoice Info tab, you may also find the Credit; which is the Customer’s total remaining amount credited, Balance; which is the customer’s total remaining invoice amount, Paid; which is the customer’s total amount paid and Total; which is the customer’s total invoice amount.
  6. Moreover, once you click the Receive Payments button, it will take you to the Enhanced Payment Allocation screen which will be further explained by this article: Enhanced Payments and Credit Memo Allocation.