Payment Allocation: How to Apply Credits from Invoice

How to Apply Credits from Invoices

1. Go to the Customers menu > View All Invoices and Credit Memos.

2. Filter Invoiced > open a PO.

3. If the account has an available credit balance it will show below 'BALANCE $' in small font. If there is none then it won't show anything. Click on the 'Receive Payments' icon.

4. If there is an available credit balance on the account 'Available Credit $' and 'Receive Payments' icon will show. 

5. Clicking the Receive Payments icon will bring up the Payment Allocation form, with the available credit(s) (highlighted in red).

6. Select the available credit(s) and apply them to the invoice.

7. After closing the Payment Allocation form, the applied credit should reflect at the bottom, under Received Payments.