New launch.ica file is downloaded every time and app doesn't launch automatically

When launching an app through the AdvancePro cloud portal, it should launch automatically. If it was not configured correctly, however, you may end up with a new launch.ica file being downloaded each time you attempt to open an app -- and the app doesn't open until you manually click to run the file.
To resolve this problem, follow the steps below:
  1. Open your downloads folder (or whichever folder your browser is downloading the launch.ica files).

  2. Delete ALL launch.ica files in that folder.

  3. Attempt to launch an app through the web portal (only click once).

  4. If a new ica file is downloaded but the app does not open, look for an arrow on the launch.ica file icon shown in your browser and click it.

  5. Look for an option such as "always open files of this type" and click this option.

  6. Delete the ica file and try launching the app again (it should automatically launch going forward).

If the above does not resolve the problem, please ensure that the Citrix Receiver (or Workspace) app is installed and that ica files are associated with the correct app:
  1. Windows: Citrix Connection Manager (more info here)
  2. Mac: Citrix Receiver / Workspace