My backup button in the AdvancePro Server does not backup the database. It pops up a window "AdvancePro Installer".

Please check the following:

  • There is a conflict between backup files and installer. Follow steps below to manually backup the database. NOTE: Please be very careful when implementing these steps. AdvancePro Technologies does not take any responsibility for any issues resulting from the steps listed below, and we recommend that you call Customer Support.

    • Go to Start Menu
    • Click RUN
    • Enter CMD and click enter
    • The DOS Prompt will open
    • Type the following command - osql -S RTServer1/AdvancePro -U sa -P
    • Press Enter
    • You will then see  a >1
    • Type the following command next to >1 - use advance BACKUP DATABASE Advance TO DISK = ``C:\AdvanceProBackUp.bak``
    • Click Enter
    • >2 appears. Type Go and click Enter
    • Wait for a confirmation
    • The backup will be located at C:\AdvanceProBackUp.bak