Merging Vendors/Customers/Products in QuickBooks

QuickBooks - Merging Vendors/Suppliers (also applies to Customers and Products)

Merging vendors/suppliers is helpful if you've been using two and want to see them represented by a single line in your reports.

The process of merging deletes one vendor/supplier and reassigns all its data to the other.

Important: The merging process is not reversible. Merging is permanent and cannot be undone at a later point. (Perform a QuickBooks backup before proceeding!)

  1. Select Expenses from the left menu.
  2. Select Vendors/Suppliers at the top.
  3. Make sure that the vendors/suppliers you want to merge are at the same sublevel. If they're not, edit one to make it be at the same level.
  4. Click to select the vendor/supplier whose name you don't want to use. Note: If you have vendor/supplier information entered, it will disappear from the name you don't want used. Make sure you copy the information over to the one you're keeping or keep the one with the important information.
  5. Click Edit.
  6. Change the vendor's/supplier's TitleFirst nameMiddle nameLast name and Suffix to be the same as the one you're merging it with. Ensure that the Display Name is also the same as the one being merged with.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click Yes to confirm that you want to merge the two vendors/suppliers.

AdvancePro - Re-exporting Vendor Records

After merging the vendor records in QuickBooks, you will need to re-export the corresponding vendor(s) in AdvancePro. This will ensure the vendor(s) in AdvancePro are linked correctly with the newly merged records in QuickBooks.

  1. Select View Vendors from the left menu.
  2. Click the [E] button for the vendor corresponding to the merged vendor in QuickBooks.
  3. Click the Additional Info tab, and then click the Re-Export to QuickBooks button (click OK and Yes to confirm).
  4. Select QuickBooks from the top menu and click Export to QuickBooks.
  5. After the export finishes, you will see a QuickBooks Export Report. Click Re-Link All Failed Exports on the bottom-left and then click Yes. (If you do not see this option, close out of the report and click Reports to refresh the page).
  6. Select QuickBooks from the top menu and click Export to QuickBooks again. At this point, the vendor will be relinked with the newly merged record in QuickBooks.
  7. Repeat above steps for any other vendors as required.