Installing AdvancePro Server using ClickOnce

Installing AdvancePro Server using ClickOnce


Installation link for SERVER:


Before installing, make sure to check on the requirements.

Disable antivirus.

Click on Install (This will download the installation file.)

After downloading, open folder containing the file downloaded.

Right-click on the setup file, select Properties and make sure that the file is “unblocked


Click on Apply then OK

Now, doulbe click on the setup file to start the installation.


The system will verify installation of SAP Crystal Reports Runtime Engine then SQL Server 2012 Express

Click on Accept to install


System will start downloading files for downloading then automatically install files

You will then be asked to allow the application to make changes on your PC after installation.

Click on Yes



SAP Crystal Reports Runtime Engine installation

SQL Server 2012 Express installation


Verification of AdvancePro software installation

Click on Install

Installation of AdvancePro software will begin


After installation, you will then be asked to provide User and Company information

Click on Next when done

Verify Server Name

Then click on Create & Map


Database created will now be updated to the latest version


System will ask if information will be saved

You will then enter additional information which will be provided to you.



Customer Key


Installation Complete: