HOW TO: Use Customer Reserved inventory Feature

First, make sure the Customer Reserved Inventory feature is enabled.
Refer to this link for instructions: HOW TO: Enable Customer Reserved Inventory
1. Customer Order (CPO) is placed and processed with Insufficient Stock, triggering a Vendor Order to be created.
2. Products >> Manage Inventory - Customer Reserves are at ZERO
3. Receive the corresponding Vendor Purchase Order (VPO) to your warehouse
4. Go back to Products >> Manage Inventory
The customer Reserved inventory column is now populated.
5. To view a report on Customer Reserved Inventory, go to Customers >> Customer Reserved Inventory.
6. You can filter by Customer, SKU#, Product Name, and Warehouse
7. Click on the Print Button (Lower right corner) to generate a print preview of the report
8. Viewing the reserved products by customer.
Go to Customers >> View all customers
Select the customer and hit Edit [E]
9. Go to Reserved Products Tab to view the reserved inventory