How to transfer orders in Outbound using AP Mobile

1. Go to AP Mobile > Tap on Outbound 

2. When tapping the “Outbound” button from the main menu, two options will be displayed:
a. Customer Orders
b. Transfer Orders

Tap on Transfer Orders 

3. The list of transfer orders to be shipped from your currently selected warehouse (configured in Settings > Warehouse) will be displayed. To find a transfer order, you can scan the PO# or enter it directly in the "Scan PO" field. You can also filter the orders by date, "To WH" and "Carrier". Tapping directly on an order in the list will open it."

Tap on the transfer order information in the list. 

4. Tapping on a transfer order in the list will bring up the transfer order details, which include:
a. PO #
b. Ref #
c. Warehouse from
d. Warehouse to
e. Line items: SKU, UPC, PL, Ordered, Picked