How to: Packout ability at the packing stage

Users can now create and assign packaging units for line-items on customer orders in the warehouse stage (picking, packing, shipping). This will allow the EDI 856 SOPI export to populate with package info.

  1. Enable Packaging Units for CPO  Admin > Site Settings > Additional Setting Tab >  Check boxes on PPS  > Click Save & Close 
2. Click the Packaging Units button and enter information into the Name and Notes (optional) fields. Click Save to create a unit. You may continue to add/update/delete units as needed and click Close when finished.


3. A Packaging Units column is added in the pick, pack and shipping stages of the warehouse. You can select from existing packaging units from the drop-down list or enter a custom packaging unit name on this same screen as shown in Figure 3.a


NOTE: Manually entering a unit will NOT create it in AdvancePro
3.a Custom Packaging Unit name.