How to Create Task Reminders

  1. After logging in to your AdvancePro account you'll see the AdvancePro My workspace. Click on the Reminders icon and from there you are able to create reminders for other users.
  2. You can now enter a subject in the text field provided. You can also click on the ellipsis box to select the users you want to assign this reminder
  3. Next, you have an option to set the start and due dates; priority and status by ticking the enable box. 
  4. By selecting the enable reminder icon, you can set a time for the reminder to pop-up at a given time.
  5. You also have an option to send an email to users, customers & vendors by clicking the mail box and select an email template. After setting up all of the options, you can click on save

    • Additionally, you can set a Custom Template for the Emails you want to send

    • Enter Multiple Emails in the To send field by separating them with commas
  6. A Reminder window will pop up on your AdvancePro when the Reminder is Due
  7. Priority icons:
    - High
    - Normal - Low   - None
  8. And the created reminder will be displayed on your workspace. Below are some of the icons found on the reminders grid.