How to configure export to QuickBooks without having to be logged in

If you wish to export to QuickBooks without the need for you to be logged into QuickBooks, follow the steps below to grant AdvancePro access to log in directly


1. Log into QuickBooks and click 'Edit' > 'Preferences'.
2. Click 'Integrated Applications' on the left.
3. Click 'AdvancePro' in the 'APPLICATION NAME' list and then click 'Properties'. 
4. Click the 'Access Rights' tab and ensure the following are configured:
  • Allow this application to read and modify this company file: enabled
  • Allow this application to login automatically: enabled
  • Login as: (any username with admin access)


Additional Details:
  • If you see more than one 'AdvancePro' in the application list, check the details tab for each and find the one with the most recent access date. This is the one that needs to be configured. You can delete any with older dates.
  • The export process will be slower if you are not logged into QuickBooks.
  • If you are configuring the QuickBooks sync settings for the first time, please see: QuickBooks Syncing Setup Guide