How to change account settings for products


If you are syncing with QuickBooks and need to change the asset, income, COGS or expense accounts for products, please follow the steps below to ensure the change is applied successfully. Simply changing the account settings will not automatically apply the change in QuickBooks without some additional steps.


  1. Backup your AdvancePro and QuickBooks company files.
  2. In AdvancePro, go to the 'QuickBooks' > 'Settings' > 'Export' tab.
  3. If you have created new accounts in QuickBooks, ensure that the "Do not reset default QuickBooks accounts..." option is checked and then click "Re-import" at the top with the option checked.
  4. Make any desired changes to the default accounts listed and then click 'Finish'.
  5. If you need to set different accounts for specific categories of products, click the 'Categories' tab and then make changes to the accounts for each category as required. Anything set on this tab will override the default account settings.
  6. Re-export all products to apply the account settings to those products in QuickBooks by going to 'Admin' > 'Site Settings' > 'QuickBooks' and clicking 'Mark All Products for QuickBooks Re-Export'.
  7. Perform an export to QuickBooks.
  8. After the export is finished, you will see several export errors such as "The name ... is already in use". Click the "Re-Link All Failed Exports" button and then perform another export.
  9. In QuickBooks, verify that the accounts set for products match what you set in AdvancePro.