HOW TO: Assigning Variant to PL

Assigning a Variant to a Pick Location

There are 2 ways you can assign a variant to a Pick Location (PL).


A. Using Picking location manager under Warehouse
  1. Go to Warehouse>>Pick Location Manager

  2. Click the associate icon of the PL you want to assign variant to


  3. Search for the Variant SKU. Tick the checkbox and click APPLY


  4. You will get a prompt whether to move all qty to the new PL or to the default PL


B. Through editing the product

  1. Go to View all products and edit the product


  2. Under the variants tab, tick one of the variants and click ASSIGN MPL


  3. Firstly, select the Variant then select the PLs you want to assign variant to. After this, select a default PL and lastly, hit 'Apply'.


  4. You will get a prompt if you want to move all unassigned qty to default PL. If you choose CANCEL, proceed to the next step.


  5. Go To Manage inventory and search for the product variant. Click on the PL


  6. Assign the qty to respective PLs



    PDF File: Assign Variant to PL