How to assign selected SKUs to a different warehouse

AdvancePro has added the ability to assign selected SKUs to different warehouses without the need to process a transfer

  1. To assign products to a different warehouse, you need to go to the Products switchboard and click on Manage Inventory
  2. After which, select the warehouse where the product exists. In this example, I will choose my main warehouse, "Warehouse". Next, click on Create product instance button found on the bottom right section of the screen
  3. It will show you additional options:
    1. Select Warehouse - where you can select the warehouses you want the product to be copied or assigned.
    2. Custom selection - this option lets you select specific products to be assigned to the warehouse you've selected.
    3. All Missing SKU's - when this option is selected, it will copy all of the missing SKUs from the main to the selected warehouse
  4. Click on the + icon to show all of your warehouses. We also added a filter search in case you have many warehouses.
  5. Select Custom Selection and then click on Proceed. Now it's time to associate the products to the warehouse that you've selected. Select the SKUs and click on Associate
  6. A prompt message will be shown, just click on Yes
  7. All products selected were assigned.