How to Assign a Default Sales Rep for an AdvancePro User

1. Edit your Sales Rep
- Go to Sales Rep > Edit Sales Rep 
- Select the Sales Rep to edit and go to "Assign Customers" Tab


2. [NOTE: SUPER ADMIN rights needed] Assign the Sales Rep under your user account on AdvancePro
- Go to Admin > Site Administrators
- Check your User account and select your default Sales Rep
NOTE: All customers will still appear on the "View/Edit all Customers" screen. However, you can PLACE ORDERS only for the customers assigned to the default Sales Rep on your account.
3. Place a Customer Order
You will see that the customer list would be limited to what has been assigned only to your default sales rep
But on the View/Edit All Customers screen (if you have access), you will be able to see ALL existing customers in you AdvancePro database.
- Are the customers assigned properly to their respective Sales Rep(s)?
- Are the new customers being assigned to the already existing sales reps?
- Is your user account assigned with the correct default sales rep? [NOTE: The default Sales Rep limits your customer list only when you are PLACING an order, but you can still view the whole customer list.]