How do we prepare and import Orders using the Order Import Tool?

The following download file will have all the possible column names/field names that you can import into AdvancePro

Order Import Schema - click to download

  1. You would populate the spreadsheet with data
  2. Remove all the columns that you will not be using except make sure NOT to delete 6 required columns:
      • Company_Name
      • Order_Number
      • Order_Date
      • Product_SKU
      • Quantity
      • Price
  3. Make sure there are no spaces in the Column Headers (Ex. Company Name should be CompanyName or Company_Name, but NOT Company Name)
  4. There should be NO color present in the spreadsheet
  5. There should not be any outlines
  6. Create a schema in AdvancePro
  7. Go to: Admin --> Utilities --> Order Import Tab --> Load Import Tools
  8. The order of fields when creating a schema must be exactly as it appears in your spreadsheet

Once you have the schema created you can also use it for the "Allow Auto XML" option (it is actually for CSV or XLS format)

If the order matches the same schema you can allow Auto XML to automatically pick up the order from C:\Program Files (x86)\AdvancePro\New Customer XML Orders  (if its a Customer Order), or, C:\Program Files (x86)\AdvancePro\New Vendor XML Orders -if its a Vendor Order.

Once the orders are imported AdvancePro will move them into either Processed or Failed Customer XML Orders Folder.

If the order fails you can look up the log file in the same Failed Order Folder to see the cause.