How do I process a Dropshipment?

  1. Go to Customers > Place New Order
  2. Select a Customer, then click Proceed.
  3. Select a Product and enter the Quantity to order and uncheck the Invoice Only checkbox.
  4. Click on Save, then Place Order.
  5. Check the Drop Ship checkbox for the products to be Drop Shipped, then click on Process Order.
  6. A Vendor Order will automatically be created.
  7. Additionally, at this point, you may still edit the Order while the Vendor Purchase Order is not yet processed. Go to Customers > View All Orders.
  8. Go to Drop Shipped orders and open the previously created order.
  9. Click Related POs.
  10. It will then open Order Shipping History, and you may then click the Edit button to change the quantity(QTY) and Expected Time of Arrival(ETA).
  11. Click Update to save the changes you have made on the QTY and ETA.
  12. Go to Vendors > View All Orders.
  13. Go to Open orders and open the previously created Vendor Purchase Order.
  14. You may click the Paper Trail icon to see the previous changes made on the Order.
  15. After making any changes, click Place Order, after which, the system will then prompt if you would like to email the Order.
  16. Click yes and you will then be allowed to edit the email. Click send after finalizing the email.
  17. Click on Drop Shipped and open the Order.
  18. Enter the Shipped quantity then click Confirm DS once everything is finalized.
  19. The order’s status will then change to “Drop Shipped and Confirmed” after confirming DS.
  20. Go to Vendors > View All Bills and Credit Memo.
  21. Open the Pending Bill.
  22. Click Create Bill once everything is finalized.
  23. Go to Customers > View All Invoices and Credit Memos.
  24. Open the Pending Invoice.
  25. Click Create Invoice once everything is finalized.