Get the following error message: 'Specified Parameter out range of valid value'. You get this error message after the Wizard has been completed and you try to access the login screen.

AdvancePro database has not been installed correctly.

  • Uninstall AdvancePro - Uninstall Microsoft SQL Desktop Engine (AdvancePro)
  • Delete the C:\Program Files \AdvancePro Folder and check the following:

To check the dsn has been properly created on the machine, perform the following step:

1. Go to Start | Settings | Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Data Souces (ODBC)

2. Choose the "System DSN" Tab

3. Search for an entry called Advance

4. Double click on it. At the bottom - make sure the SQL server name has the correct name of the SQL Server

5. Click the Next button

6. It will now display a form where you specify your login details - click Next button

7. Next page will say "Change default database to" - make sure it says "Advance"

8. Click Next button, click Finish, click "Test Data Source"

9. It must be successful

10. Now re-install AdvancePro