Fatal error; Cannot connect to a Database.

Whenever you encounter a ‘Fatal error; Can not connect to a Database error or other connection related errors, you need to go through each point described in this chapter and identify your issue correctly.

You should be aware that there are two separate connection issues that might arise after the installation:

  •  Server side (you get an error on the machine where you installed “AP” as the server) 
  •  Client (you installed “AP” as the client application)

Note: Some antivirus programs such as “Norton Antivirus Standard Edition” have Script Blocking features that interfere with the creation of your Database. Make sure that you disable that feature before you actually install AdvancePro Server *. We strongly advise you to turn off your antivirus software during the installation of AdvancePro Server.

AdvancePro is .NET application meaning that it uses and needs .Net Framework to be installed along. Although Windows Servers 2000 – 2003 have .Net Framework integrated into OS, you might still need to get the latest updates. The easiest way of checking whether you need .Net Framework is to go to:


and check for the latest updates from Microsoft. If you are indeed missing .Net Framework or its latest version you will need to download and install it on your computer.

If you have the latest .Net Framework and still having issues on “AdvancePro Server”, you should try to run “Check DB Utility”:

  • Turn off your antivirus software > Go to Start Menu > All Programs > AdvancePro > Select Restore Backup Database > Click on “Check DB for "your company name". That feature will check the structure of you DB and will fix it if needed.

If your issue persists please contact AdvancePro Customer Support Department at 1-800-970 9071