How to generate a VPO from back-ordered items

In this guide, you will be taught how to generate a VPO from back-ordered items and how to view the consolidated list of Customer Orders from a Vendor Order

  1. Create a new Customer Purchase Order by going to Customers > Place New Order and fill in the required information
  2.  In this example, I've added products that don't have enough stock to fulfill my orders. Save and click on Place Order
  3.  A message will pop-up and it will inform you that stock is insufficient, click OK to proceed
  4.  A Vendor Purchase Order will be made for insufficient stock. Click on Process Order
  5. An order confirmation will be shown and it will show the Warehouse Pick ticket and the Vendor Order link. Click on the vendor order link.

  6. Afterwhich, it will bring you to the VPO that the CPO generated for the insufficient stock
  7. Clicking on the EYE icon will show you a consolidated list of CPO and it's information(Customer PO#, Ref #, Customer, Quantity, and the source)