AdvancePro Mobile 3.6.0 Release Notes

What's New

  • Customer lookup for sales orders has been streamlined. Now you can search for any customer by company name, account number, or primary contact name/email/phone from a single field.
  • We've added an about page were you can view important details with links to our support page and privacy policy.
  • Login is now faster in certain cases with better feedback.
  • You can now assign batches when placing a direct order.

Bug Fixes:

  • Serial numbers with dates far in the future no longer cause problems when receiving.
  • Picking location and serial/batch inventory was not updated when processing a direct invoice. This should no longer happen.
  • The picking Location was not displayed on the Lot/Serial # pop-up screen. This is fixed.
  • Picking location inventory was doubled after receiving batch. This has been resolved.
  • The adjustment date showed incorrectly for items received through AP Mobile. The correct date is now used going forward.
  • It is no longer possible to press the back button and re-open the app after logging out without first re-entering the login credentials.
  • Both the original price and discounted price are now displayed on sales orders.
  • Irrelevant lookup settings have been removed.
  • When placing a new sales order, the buttons were different heights on some screen sizes. This has been resolved.